Best known as the Non-Executive Director of Singapore-Listed SingHaiyi Group, Gordon Tang has come a long way as a real estate investor. Mr. Tang has been an influential figure for the group, which also consists of Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC). APIC has been managing hotels in California and is looking forward to real estate investments and acquisitions under Mr. Tang’s capable leadership. Despite knowing the slump in real estate and the risk of being an offshore-based developer, Mr. Gordon Tang chose to spend on real estate assets that otherwise may seem like an unprofitable investment. SingHaiyi Group’s project – The Vales, which is a 500+ condo project in Sengkang has been a sheer success, and the company has already acquired 9% stake in Australia-listed Cromwell Property Group.

Mr. Tang and his team are also focused on European markets and want to take the advantage of fluctuating real estate prices in different regions, using their unique access to Asian Capital. In his quest to escalate investments in real estate, Mr. Tang is strongly supported by Neil Bush, brother of former US president George Bush and Non-Executive Chairman of SingHaiyi Group, and his wife – Mrs. Celine Tang, who is the Group Managing Director.